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September 09, 2020 2:35 AM

Waskita at the 7-11 September 2020 Bridge Exhibition & Talkshow at the PUPR Ministry Auditorium

Waskita Karya had the opportunity to participate in the Iconic Bridge Exhibition & Talkshow which took place from 7-11 September 2020 at the Auditorium of the Ministry of PUPR.

The event, which was held by the PUPR Ministry, aims to disseminate information on infrastructure development in the PUPR sector to the public, especially bridges. Why are bridges important? Because the contours of our country are crossed by rivers, the availability of bridges is the main pillar in helping connectivity between communities. On this occasion, Waskita presented the Merah Putih Bridge project in Ambon.

The Merah Putih Bridge, which is #KaryaWaskita, spans Teluk Dalam Ambon Island, which connects Rumah Tiga (Poka) Village in Sirimau District on the north side, and Hative Kecil / Galala Village in Teluk Ambon District on the south side. This bridge is the longest bridge in Eastern Indonesia, and is part of the overall spatial layout of Ambon City, as well as an icon of the city of Ambon.