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October 20, 2020 8:43 PM

Opening Program Magang Mahasiswa Bersertifikat PMMB 2020

Increase supplies before work.


That is what students must do on Friday (16/10) and participate in the opening of the Program Magang Mahasiswa Bersertifikat PMMB 2020 Program initiated by FHCI BUMN. Selected students from various universities who will have an internship for 6 months at Waskita Karya.


Through this program, Director of HCM & System Development Hadjar Seti Adji hopes that there will be a transfer of knowledge from Waskita People to students. In the future, this knowledge will be a provision for them. Who knows, they will be the next Waskita People.


Nothing is impossible right? Initially acquaintances, continued to applications. Yes, it's still talking about work at Waskita.